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Excel Charts in dashboards are the key attention-grabbing element. It means that they are first observed by the user. It is important that the chart which you have inserted is an attention grabbing chart i.e it should have some elements which would create a mesmerizing effect in the minds of the viewer.
Now the question arises that what can be that element which is attention grabbing inside a simple chart. Check out the statement below and I am sure you would agree with it.

“Inserting a chart is 10 sec work, Formatting is 10 Minutes work”

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Better looking Excel Chart

The Million dollar question, What is an attention to grab element in the above chart?
The above chart is a simple chart but with the data labels highlighted with Black and the text with white its the most attention-to grab chart ready to be placed on the dashboard.
Visual Test:
Its more beautiful to see Contrast colors as they are more attractive to our eyes than a simple black text which hardly 1% watch out.
Watch out the video down below:-

Watch the step by step tutorial on how to create a better-looking charts #1

Button did not work? Here is Raw Link: Download XLSX FILE (Compatible with Excel 2007+, Created with Excel 2016)

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