Create a List of All Sheets

Written by Amey Dabholkar

June 20, 2015

It becomes difficult when there are many pages in the worksheet to navigate. Hence to Navigate on worksheet one has to scroll a lot in the sheet navigation pane to find out the correct worksheet. 

Using Keyboard Shortcut to Navigate around the sheet.

It is better to use shortcuts in Excel rather than using a mouse, It’s often a saying more we use the mouse more tiring it becomes. Hence once can get results quicker by using keyboard shortcuts rather than a mouse.

Here are the Keyboard shortcuts which will help you to Navigate on the worksheet.

Creating Table of Contents

We want to insert worksheet before the sheet 1 i.e Before the sales Sheet. Hence we shall enter the following piece of code into module. Follow the step by step instruction to do so

Step 1: Press Alt + F11 (To go to Visual Basic Editor)
Step 2: Go on insert and click on Module
Step 3: Add a Piece of code onto the module starting with sub and Ending with End Sub()

We have used a For —– Next statement to create a loop.
First thing is we need to add a sheet to the first sheet
We can use Sheets.Add Before:=Sheet(1)
We run the loop till the worksheet are presented i,e we count all the sheet.
The structure of For — Next statement is
For i=a To ———

Next I

The Above piece of code will create a table of content and one can easily navigate through the whole sheet

Advanced Tip: Create an add-in which is available on all sheets.



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