Easiest Way to create a Funnel Chart

Written by Amey Dabholkar

September 16, 2015

Funnel Chart is one of the types of data visualization chart which helps to analyze data. Funnel chart can be used for sales data reporting or Departmental profits reporting (like I have done in this demo). The most important thing which is needed is that the data should be arranged in descending order i.e from Higher value to the lower value (check out the image below). This funnel chart which we are creating is an inside the cell. We don’t have to insert any chart it’s just created by conditional formatting and formula.¬†

This is the basic type of data which should be arranged in this format. The rest demonstration is in the form of GIF image down below. (it will be constantly playing.)

What it does is first it copies the value from column C to Column D so that we could create a funnel kind of Effect. Then go to conditional formatting >> Data Bars and select any of the data bars. Later on, go to the manage rules and then click on edit. Edit the color, Also check show bar only and select bar direction from right to left. The default one is Left to right. Then similarly do for the other side and boom your chart is ready to be presented

This can also be done by the way of Chart which will be discussed in some other post.

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