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In the last blog post, i have discussed that why mock-ups for the dashboard are important and how to create one using an online tool.

There is also alternative ways to create mock-ups for your first Excel Dashboard. I would suggest creating these mockups for all the big dashboards you are planning to create. Let us discuss some alternative ways through which you can create mockups

Traditional Approach: Using a Pen and a Paper

The traditional approach seems great if you don’t have time to go online and do dashboard related designing. One can just take a piece of paper and a pen to just draw a basic outline of your dashboard. This way your majority of time is saved and you can easily create a great dashboard mockups for approval from the concerned authority.

Modern Approach: Using Powerpoint

In the last blog post, i explained how to create a mock-up using an online tool. Now I am going to guide you on how to create such on power point. Its not great to create on power point but still if you don’t have an internet connection or you just have a Microsoft office installed then you can pretty much play around with the power point to create a dashboard mock-up.

Step 1: Open Powerpoint and then choose a blank layout to add mockups and designs
Step 2: Insert shapes and charts for a basic mock up
Step 3:
Your ready reference for creating an Excel dashboard is done.

Watch a simple video walkthrough regarding creating Mockups using Powerpoint.

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