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Features of this template

This template allows to save your daily task and display it in an interactive way. Many things to learn. This template makes it handy to display all the tasks in a form of the calendar and combined with formulas and VBA one can make it even better.

How to make this type of Dashboard?

Let us learn how to create such type of template. But before learning take a closer look at the pages

Scroll Bar, Spin button is linked to the calculation sheet. Formulas are calculated on the calculation sheet. The VBA Macro code helps to change the calendar based on the year and month field

It is just a simple table which is used to send data to the user. On the Priority column, there is a Drop-down list to select the priority. The date column gets formatted automatically once data is input

 The image is self Explanatory for how this type of calculation is done

Holiday sheet works on the same principle as the Datasheet work. On the main sheet, Vlookup is done so as to look up whether there is a holiday or not. If it’s not a holiday then shows blank (” “)

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