Learn excel under 2 minutes

Learn Excel through 2 minutes bit-sized video tutorials

learn excel under 2 minutes…

Do Learning Excel Requires Time ?? 

Yes it does, but what for those who are on a time constraints and also for those who would like to begin learning Microsoft Excel as quickly and easily as possible, 

Introducing the only platform which teaches Excel under 2 Minutes for each videos and that too with all steps covered in, wan’t to take a deep dive, check out videos below which we have uploaded till date and many more to come in the coming days, subscribe below to get those right onto your inbox.



# 1 Inserting a Dropdown List in Excel

Inserting Dropdown List in Excel won’t be difficult if you follow this process, Check out the video below to know more


# 2 Selecting Blank Cells in Excel - The Easy Way

Get more hands on working with advance features of Excel such as go to function along with few keyboard shortcuts to make working in excel at ease, to know more watch the video below


# 3 Data Entry in Excel Made Easy with this Keyboard Shortcut

Creating a user form in seconds through keyboard shortcut which probably you won’t be knowing of due to it’s legacy nature, know more about it:


# 4 Paste Special Transpose

Learn how to paste special and transpose your dataset through a keyboard shortcut, to know more refer link below:


# 5: Entering Number Starting with Zero's

It’s often difficult for a newbie to figure out how to enter number starting with zero’s (such  as 0123) as most of the time if the input in excel is 0123 it displays as 123, to know more how to do that, watch the video below:


# 6: Inserting Multiple rows and columns through Keyboard Shortcut

Simplest way to add multiple rows and columns through keyboard shortcut.


# 7: Removing Borders through keyboard Shortcut

A keyboard shortcut to remove borders in a click, to know more watch the video below:


# 8: How to bring back flash fill using

Excel Flash fill is great feature of Microsoft Excel, but sometimes it disappears due to conflict with some of the excel add-ins, in order to bring it back, check out the video tutorial below:


# 9: Learn to Split cells into Multiple Column

Splitting Cells into Multiple column, watch below to learn more:

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