Mess up with SUM Faster

Written by Amey Dabholkar

September 5, 2015

Never mess up with sum function as it can make your easier work tough, Here in this comprehensive article i would show you different ways to make your sum faster and different methods in different situation. Follow the table of content to go straight to the method which you are interested. Lets get started with our first quick tip

#1: Get a quick snapshot of values

Its a Quick tip because its Quick … (lol)
Just select the cells and you would get the sum as quick as possible. You could also interact with some other features on the status bar which is Average, Minimum, Maximum etc statistical functions. This method is useful when you just want total as a information and not to show on the worksheet.

#2 Keyboard Shortcut is Everyone’s Favourite

Go to the next cell after all the data and just press Alt + =(Alt followed with equal to sign) via keyboard. This would automatically select above data and insert the sum function and then press Enter

#3 Auto Sum Button

Coming back to the normal method which all the Excel User uses is the auto sum button located on the home tab. There you can find variety of further options like average , Min, Max etc

#4 Most Favorite Method

Manually typing the sum Function. This method is practically used by all of the Excel users. In fact SUM() function is the most popular function in Microsoft Excel

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