Remove Blank Rows

Written by Amey Dabholkar

June 24, 2015

If you have extracted your data from CSV file or downloaded a report from online you may don’t want blank rows in the data. those blank rows may affect your reports. Hence you need to delete those rows where data is not presented.

Many of the Excel Lovers use to sort and Filter to select blank rows and then delete it. But there is a good replacement method which can be accompanied by just 5 simple steps. The 5 simple click procedure will get your blank rows deleted. Check out the scenario

Scenario: You are required to delete blank rows from the list of USA States.

Step 1: Select the Range

Step 2: Press F5 (Function Key 5) Key

The Function key F5 will bring the Dialog box of Go to and then click on Special to conditionally select the cells. This is a very handy tool if you want to select the formulas , Blank cells, Error Cells, Consonants you could select anything conditionally on this dialog box.

After Clicking on Ok button it will highlight the blank cells of the selected range. That selected range now can be deleted and the data is arranged.

This will select blank Cells and now on the home tab in the cells group select the delete launcher and select  ” delete sheet rows ” that will delete the selected rows i.e blank rows.

After selecting Delete Sheet Rows the blank rows will get deleted.
The same principle can be applied to any selected rows or columns and which will help you to clean the data in an efficient manner.

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