Turn Negative Numbers into Zero

Written by Amey Dabholkar

January 5, 2016

One of the simplest Excel Hack. The question was very simple. Sometime Excel Formula calculation fetches negative value and due to that negative value it affects your presentation. What if your statement does not accept negative value? , Your statement requires only 0 or a positive value as this may be parameters to judge performance. Hence here comes a handy technique which changes all the negative value to be displayed as 0 (Zero)

Solving the Problem Using MAX Function

If you could see the above image in that image column C is calculated as Difference in Column A and Column B. Sometimes the difference is Positive and sometimes the difference is negative. Here my goal is to show zero in the case of Positive value. I will use the simple formula of MAX
A3-B3 is the formula which results in the value which displays in cell C.
I compare that value with 0, if that value is negative the formula would result into 0 and if the answer of difference is positive then the result displayed on column c would be that positive number.

Formula Used in this Lesson


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